Peter Simonp.simon.pasfoto.jpg

"Vision without action is a daydream, 
action without vision is a nightmare"

Peter Simon has broad knowledge and
experience in the areas of Strategy
Development, Mergers & Acquisitions
and Planning & Control.

Peter started his carreer with Bakkenist Management Consultants, where he worked for over seven years. Subsequently he worked eight years for Royal Ten Cate N.V. in Almelo, three years as a cluster controller and five years as Director of Business Development. In 2000, Peter joined VM Management Consultants in Veghel, which merged in 2006 with Blue Mind in Den Bosch. In 2007 Peter established himself as Elegast Management Consultants.

During his carreer, Peter gained extensive experience in a broad area of industries. He
became facinated by the question what makes companies profitable. This question is a main theme in his carreer and is the basis for his strategic analysis', business plans and valuations.

Outside the Netherlands Peter has gained substantial business experience in Europe, North-America and Asia. Peter has a degree in business ecenomics from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA from IMD in Lausanne.