Modular Strategy

We support companies with our own 'Modular Strategy' method. This is a pragmatic approach centred around five clusters of key questions.

  • What are our products, markets and technologies, where are we successful, what are   our ambitions and our core values?
  • How do the companies in our line of business compete, what other options are available, which option is best positioned for the future and why?
  • How will we compete, how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and what do we have to be especially good at to be successful?
  • How can we best organise ourselves in order to compete in this way?
  • What should the main business functions focus on and which specific targets should they reach?

In most cases it is not necessary to answer all these questions at the same time. Except for crisis situations, it is often sufficient - even better - to improve your strategy in one or just a few of these areas. This allows for a focussed and  thorough approach, which also ensures the necessary commitment and support to realise the planned improvements. The next time round you may want to focus on another area. Thus the name: 'Modular Strategy'.